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Ikipsi: A 3D virtual world developed exclusively for children Print

In past newsletters we have mentioned Ikipsi, an exciting 3D virtual world Software Achkar/WA Go Online is developing exclusively for children. It will provide an online e-learning area for children to interact with each other as well as learn and play together. Currently we are developing a virtual classroom where children can register in a particular subject such as English and attend a course of classes with other students from around the world. This will be held real time with an experienced real teacher who can adapt the lesson according to student needs. Registration will include a consultation between an experienced teacher, the student and their guardian to establish the student's level and needs. Once enrolled in a particular course, students will be able to choose an avatar and customise it to best express themselves and be easily recognisable to their classmates. They will also receive a work and homework book to complete during class and at home. During the lesson, the students will interact with the teacher and each other in a variety of oral, listening, reading, active and writing exercises to practise the day's target.

This is just one of the areas being developed in the Virtual world for children but Ikipsi can be employed to fill a variety of roles in an educational setting. Because it is a virtual world, children will find it highly relevant but yet malleable enough to entertain and engage their imagination. They will learn through actively participating and experience the results of their actions on the world around them. Finally and most importantly, Ikipsi is based on latest technical standards and follows strict safety conditions meaning that children will move in a safe and monitored environment with the opportunity to get to know other children from around the world.