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Kobe Dream Catch Project "N-KOBE" certification Print

On 24th December 2010, WA Go Online was proud to receive “N-KOBE” certified support from the Kobe Dream Catch Project for its proposed business plan: Bringing Uploader to the Market.

Out of 60 applications, “N-KOBE” certifications were awarded to 16 companies / individuals in addition to 5 others who received “X-KOBE” certification. An article about the Kobe Dream Catch Project and its 2010 awards was also published in the Kobe Shimbun on Tuesday 25th January 2011. Please click here for a snapshot of the article (in Japanese only).

The Kobe Dream Catch Project is an innovative scheme conducted and organised by the Kobe Industrial Promotion Foundation, a division of Kobe City Government. Its vision is to assist and support individuals, venture companies, small and medium businesses with new and pioneering ideas.

Uploader is a cutting-edge product developed by WA Go Online to enable the transfer of files securely and easily without restriction on file size. For more information on Uploader, please see:

N-KOBE support of the Kobe Dream Catch Project includes:

WA Go Online celebrates their fifth anniversary in Japan Print
This year marks the fifth anniversary of the opening of WA Go Online's branch office in Kobe, a major port city located in the Hyogo prefecture of central Japan. Strategically, Japan was the ideal location for WA Go Online to expand into the Asian region, not only because of its proximity to neighbouring Asian nations but also because in order to be successful in the Japanese market, products must be of extremely high quality and this is where WA Go Online prefers to compete. Of course, similar to Germany in Europe, the Japanese market is one of the most difficult to access and this is why WA Go Online is so proud to not only still be here but to have developed a reputation for quality and technological endeavour that has resulted in the formation of strong associations with like minded research and industry partners.
The International Industrial Fair KOBE 2009 Print
On September 3 and 4 2009 WA Go Online presented their latest pioneering products at the annual International Industrial Fair in Kobe. The fair aims to facilitate the development of international technology infrastructure and the exchange of ideas between technologically driven businesses, universities, enterprises and institutes.

WA Go Online enjoyed enormous success last year in the form of research opportunities and unique business contacts. Unfortunately this year, although there was a large number of exhibitors demonstrating their latest products or services with technological rigour, the number of visitors was lower than previous years. This was attributed to the world economic crisis and the toll it has taken on many businesses.
User-Developer Forum; 10th Year Anniversary Print

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the User-Developer forum held annually by Software Achkar for the Real Estate Sales Department of the German Finance Ministry. The forum is attended by at least one user from each branch office in Germany, approximately 50 employees in total and it usually runs for two days.

Ikipsi: A 3D virtual world developed exclusively for children Print

In past newsletters we have mentioned Ikipsi, an exciting 3D virtual world Software Achkar/WA Go Online is developing exclusively for children. It will provide an online e-learning area for children to interact with each other as well as learn and play together. Currently we are developing a virtual classroom where children can register in a particular subject such as English and attend a course of classes with other students from around the world.